Duration: 5 Days

1- Kumba

2 Days

Visiting Kumba Town and Lac Barumbi.

– Kumba is a city in Southwest Province, western Cameroon also known around Cameroon as K town. It had a population of 144,268 (at the 2005 Census). The N8 and N16 highways meet at Kumba.

– Lake Barombi Mbo or Barombi-ma-Mbu is a lake near Kumba in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is located in the Cameroon volcanic chain, and is the largest volcanic lake in this region. It is one of the oldest radiocarbon-dated lakes in Africa. On old colonial maps the area was known as Elefanten Sea (Elephant Lake), but the elephants living in the area were extirpated due to ivory trading.

Until now, 15 species of fishes have been recorded from the lake

2- Bekondo


Benat from Spain Planting a cocoa in our Partner Open Access Farm in Bekondo.


3 Days

Bekondo is a village situated in the south west of Cameroon, 30 minutes away from Kumba by bike. The area where we work is called 3 corners Bekondo and lives there almost 8000 people with main source of income from farming and growing cocoa. The Bekondo Foundation partner of WEBDEV Foundation goal is to build a sustainable education center for the farmers and village. To accomplish this they are raising funds in two ways. They are developing, and selling, cocoa related products as well as requesting donations. The Bekondo Tour is one of the income generation activities to increase the source of income of the community.

Our 3 days activities comprise with:

– Waking up in the morning and go to farm with one of the chosen villager. For the next 3 to 4 hours the visitor will perform farming activities depending on the moment. It can be farming, harvesting, spraying chemical…

– In the afternoon or next days the visitor will visit the dryer system and see in real how the farmer ferment and dry cocoa before packaging.

– Another activity could be to assist to a selling of cocoa when we have chance to access the village in the period there are weighing and selling cocoa.

– Later in the evening, our guess have chance to share traditional meal with the villagers around a camp fire listening some Stories and watching some traditional dances.

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