Custom and Airport Stamp


For now, as tourism is concerned, no taxes are required on the importation of the following objects: jewellery of less than 500 grammes, personal clothes, cats and dogs which have passed through the health service, handsets, two photo cameras with ten rolls of films per camera, a small size video camera with ten rolls, a small size TV and radio set, a small size video recorder, a pair of binoculars, camping facilities sports equipment, toiletries, push chairs, three litres of wine, one litre of spirit, 500 grammes of tobacco or 400 cigarettes or 125 cigars.

Concerning arms and ammunition for game hunting, an importation licence is required. For the exportation of animal products, obtain an authorisation from the administration in charge of the environment.

For the exportation of handicrafts derived from other sources (wood, iron etc), refer to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mines and Handicraft.

Airport Stamps

The airport stamps on leaving Cameroon are 10,000FCFA that is €15.50 for international flights, 500FCFA that is €0.8 for internal flights.