ECOTOUR (7 days)

Duration: 7 Days

1- Campo

3 days

Campo is a town on the Atlantic Ocean coast of southern Cameroon, where it is the main border town for travel to Equatorial Guinea. The town is just north of the mouth of the Ntem River, that is to say the right bank of that river.

It lies near the Campo-Ma’an National Park. Campo has traces of German colonial heritage, most notably in the public building on the beachfront near the city centre. Campo hosts the Campo Subdivision of the Ocean Division and its sub-divisional officer (SDO). The town has road links to Kribi along the coast and to Ma’an and Ebolowa via the road through Campo Ma’an National Park.

Pigmee Village in South Cameroon

Pigmee Village in South Cameroon

Tourism is increasing in Campo, mostly of visitors to the National Park. The town hosts the Headquarters of the National Park where entrance fees need to be paid.

Board a bus to campo near the border of Equatorial Guinea

* on the way we shall stop for a short visit in the palm oil and rubber plantation  while the local cook prepares us a delicious meal at the community house in the campo beach.

* Arrival at campo, visits the campo national park. This park could only be visited on foot with a certified tourist guide since is a very dense forest with wild life species or/and visit Ebodjé village with its small harbor and large sandy beaches is a fishing village. Village tour with a guide to visit the museum, smoked fish and walk along the beach. Introduction to manufacturing dugout and field work. Relaxation

*visit the pygmies’ people and watch their local dances.

2- Kribi

4 days

  • €       «Carrefour  kingué»  for  a  beer  and delicious  « poisson braisé »
  • €       Beaches: Enjoy the most beautiful beach of Cameroon for 2 days before going back to Yaounde and then to Your Country.
  • €       Pigmies visit by canoe on la Lobe River. On the way, have chance to see Yannick Noah (famous tenisman in France) and West Madiko (Famous Cameroonian singer in the USA) Islands on la Lobe River. You will enjoy the nature while going on the river and with chance see some monkeys.
  • €       La Lobe Waterfall by canoe tour. Fresh Shrimp near the waterfall and opportunity to swim.

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Water Fall LA LOBE, in Kribi (Cameroon)