SAWATOUR (7 days)

 Duration: 5 to 7 days

1-      Limbe

2 days

  • On board to limbe and drive along the banana, palm and rubber Plantations.
  • Famous seme beach to enjoy the Black Volcanic beach Sand with the warm water from the Atlantic Ocean and a Natural pool with cold water flowing down from mt Cameroon.
  • Visit to the famous botanic garden and the wild life where  you Will see different  species of tropical creatures
  • Walk to the fishing port, watch the amazing scene of how Fishing boats arriving with fresh fish and women rushing after. To buy and smoked them for sale in the neighboring market.
  • Limbe zoo is an animal conservatory place where there is lot of species of Monkeys, Snakes, and Crocodiles… This zoo is situated in the middle of the town with very simple access.

2-     Douala

1 day

Economical capital of Cameroon.

  • Have the opportunity to visit the “Base Navale” in the evening and eat roasted fish near the Wouri River.
  • “Base Elf” is another relaxing place close to the Wouri River just to rest and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean wind.
  • Swimming pool to relax and rest a bit with water massage.
  • Generally, there is less to visit in Douala as it’s a busy town with many economical activities, lot of traffics…

3-     Edea

1 to 2 days

  • German Bridge, Alucam and Sanaga Bridge, Monkey Island, 1st Catholic Church in Cameroon called Mariemberg.
  • Opportunity to eat Crocodile meat. There is opportunity to spend the night at the Monkey Island and enjoy the evening with the people taking care of the orphan’s monkeys and eat fresh fish from the Sanaga River that is crossing the Island. Beautiful evening view that becomes memorable.

4-     Nkongsamba: Ekom-Kam

1 day

Nkongsamba is a very old colonial town, build by Germans. Our visit there is going to be prompt, because there is not much to visit. We cross the town to reach the Ekom-Nkam Waterfall located at about 20Km from Nkongsamba. It’s a very famous waterfall that is serving also as place for rituals and purification ceremonies. People travel from around the world to arrive there. Here Nkam rushes 80 meters high to the valley. This landscape has been the backdrop to the film “Greystock” Christophe Lambert shot in 1984. Walking through the forest in a lush vegetation and full spray, generated by the waters of the river.

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