Visa to Cameroon

A visa is required for travel to Cameroon

A tourist or business visa is required to enter Cameroon. It is issued by its diplomatic or consular representation abroad. Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days non-renewable, with multiple entries and exits and Business Visa can be issued for long period. It is possible to obtain a visa from countries where Cameroon has no diplomatic representation and for chartered flights.

The following documents are required:

1- Passport Requirements:

Original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay in Cameroon, with at least one blank passport page available for Cameroon visa stamp(s). Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for Cameroon visas.

2- Cameroonian Visa Application Form:

Two original Cameroon visa application forms, properly completed and signed, plus one copy. An improperly completed Cameroon visa application may delay the processing of your business visa.

3- Photo Requirements:

Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photographs, in color, front view with both ears showing, and with a plain/white background.

4- Letter Of Invitation from Cameroon:

A letter of invitation from the Organisation/company/host in Cameroon explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel to Cameroon. In addition, the letter must indicate the length of stay, place of stay, and host’s name and contact information. This can also be a certificate of accommodation or hotel booking.

5- Business Letter (if Applicable)

Letter from employer or sponsoring company in the country you are from, on company letterhead, introducing the applicant, indicating the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company, and clearly stating the purpose of visit to Cameroon. The business letter must also indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant and must provide detailed contact information in Cameroon.

6- Proof Of Departure/Flight ticket:

Computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency or copy of airline tickets.

7- Medical Requirements:

International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever.

8- Financial Requirements:

Evidence of sufficient funds to support stay in Cameroon; most recent bank statement, or a Visa Card


These informations are what is needed in general, please contact your closest Cameroon Consulate and get more informations from them, because from a country to another one, there may exist differences between the visa processes.